Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Relief for a while

At last the promos are finally over and i guess then went average on the whole cause while geog went reasonably well, econs essays were horrible but the mcq and drq were fine, lit shakespeare went fine but the gothic and practical criticism were tricky....therefore i have absolutely no idea how to describe my promos except Average.....a score of 6.6/10.....sounds crappy i noe, but that is part of who i am after all.

Don't wanna talk about the promos no more, it was torturous enough to go through them once n its worse to think about them again. Besides the promos, a topic has been bugging me juz like a stupid, irritating, fat fly (the kind that you wanna squash but will be disgusted once its squashed) buzzing around. Its actually a question: What causes people to become unfaithful especially after marrige?????

This stupid fly was hibernating till i chatted with my best fren the other day and she told me about the bollywood breakups. Actually i have tried to find some sort of answer to this question and it really comes down to the basics of why get married. Is it cause you love a person only for their outer appearance which seems to be pretty true in todays context but i cant possibly say that looks aren't a factor actually its a BIG factor but it isnt the only thing that determines if that person will be your chummie or your future partner right. But then again even if looks weren't the factor then What is it that causes them to stray and this problem doesnt goes lie with one gender but its common between both the male and the female. Well the only other possible reasons i can think off are those done out of greed for money, prestige, maybe even younger partners and possibly even sex or the lack of it.

This darn question is juz to to mind boggling and instead of making me able to find the answers by thinking alot it juz causes me to have a headache, urgh! any way it feels better now that i have put it down and am planning on just leaving it and hopefully never to think about it again....hehe....

Oh and btw since this is my first official post i do have to warn my readers that i tend to just blabber or rant alot(actually are'nt they the same thing...maybe they are not). I may or may not tend to put in my daily stuff and treat this like my personal diary coz i still have my personal diary and am planning on sticking to it.....but tht does not mean tht i wont put up interesting anecdotes of what happens. ( for eg, today while waiting for our last paper which was lit ppr 8 Tight shirt, the joker, shu, Fuad, Diana and i decided to go to the library to watch a movie with the hope of practising our ppr 8 skills on the movie. First of all, the discussion room which had the TV was taken up by the soccer guys who were watching a movie and that made us change our mind and we wondered around the library*at this pt the joker decided to puss out and recharge himself so we left him on the 2nd floor*, which was full of studious mjcians, untill i had a brilliant idea of watching the movie on a comp in the comp lab. The 2nd thing that prevented us from watching it was that the comps could not read dvds and because of that we had to go out and choose vcds instead. After that the first comp that we were at was simply spoilt and we had to move to another comp. When we finally started Mystic River, shu and i started our discussion of who the characters. Now this made us change to a no brainer movie whose title was something about a cuckoo flew over or something. But all this changing and movements had made us so restless that we could'nt sit still and were all restless. As a result tight shirt went to the next comp and went to www.killsometime.com. Now this was where all the fun began. The flash movies are absolutely hilarious * a MUST see is the asshole song* although some are meant to be watched in the privacy of your home or more preferably your room as you will know when you watch the song that follows the asshole song. All this seriously killed about 3 hours of our time which went surprisingly fast. Thats what happens when you are having fun!) Besides blabbering and all i do tend to go off point at times so do forgive me if you do not happen to see the link between one sentence from another, and you may kindly inform me through a tag or comment although i would rather that you read the entire post first as that might be the actual sequence of events.

I think i have said more than enough for my first official post or it may just seem that way to me coz i am beginning to daze from trying to destress. Any way i will just leave things over here at this moment and wish ya'll Gd nite, Sweet Dreamz for now.....

till later Tooodles


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