Thursday, October 13, 2005

Card Games, Debates and Another food for Thought

I have to finally admit that i am simply not made for card games at all. Wednesday was meant to be a complete waste since about half of the class did not come and out of those that came a couple left right after assembly leaving a handful of us out of which half were participating in the Interhouse games which leaves Shu, tight shirt, marlz, rad and nurc. Malrz left at 1 to go home n that left me with two guys....TWO GUYS(tight shirt n shu, but they r nice guys so its fine)!!!! But the good thing is that i do not get bullied by them i am the one that bullies them.....hehe after all i am not called the lady boss for no reason right....hehehe.

Tight shirt brought his UNO cards and during the PW period we started playing Uno. Then Rad told us about this game that we ended up naming Hamburger coz its real name Hump the Hamburger is too sick and hilarious when trying to play it. I am not going to try to explain this game coz i can't...its as simple as that. Any way it gets really interesting when we change names and our names were BiZArre!!! especially when tight shirt, shu and i started to play. We started wih our screen names as above and then tight shirt changed his to tity and finally Xmen legends 2. Shu changed his to pipsqeak(what was he thinking idea) to nips on my face to nips on your face. Told u the names were weird. I changed mine from AnneJ which wasnt really used to shasha to nincompoop(courtesy of Shu who gave me that name) to pink bottle but it was too easy for the guys n i finally changed it to shasha's pink bottle BUT i still lost!!!!!! Oh n a point of information, if you ever play with tight shirt take care of your hands and i mean it....he tries to whack your fingers so that you would forget his name but apparently it didnt work on me thanks to my long nails. hehe, lady boss with long, hard nails BEWARE......

Well thursday was Great thanks to the Debator Grls. Btw our motto is Debating brings out the Bitch in you. We were supposed to meet to discuss for our upcoming Red Cross Debate which we are just entering for the fun of it if we loose we shant take it too hard (actually we have never taken it too hard...we simply bitch about the others and ourselves....juz kidding we aint sore loosers) So the 3 of us, Jashan Steph and me, met at about nine, self declared our own recess at about 9.57 and went to the discussion room that was kindly booked by Jashan.( oh i forgot we went to look for max chong to help us clear our doubts about humanitarian issues but he was on reservist so we asked colin cheong and it was shocking esp for Jashan who for some reason had held colin cheong in high esteem but never knew of his absolutely blunt sarcasm). So after that we went to the discussion room and unknowingly started bitching about Pricky(Jashan named the person sea urchin first but it was too long for us so Steph came up with Pricky and me being the captain approved of it and started its usage....Lolz) and Baldy(if you do not know who they are please do not ask me) and exhausted every single topic we could dig out by 12.05 (Denise came in to save us from being kicked out half way and joined the absolutely productive discussion of ours...hehe). Well after this we had absolutely had no idea what to do and decided to go for an early lunch at West plaza and walked there with the hope of killing some time but it just did not work. Had lunch, went to 7 11 and started walking back when the food started taking toll on all of us. We were walking like absolute drunkards, laughing stopping and bursting into laughter again. Lets hope no one we know drove past then if not it is going to be sad and weird answering their weird questions. ( like duh rite weird questions get weird answers if we were doing something weird) We walked all the way to the main gate and sat at the porch when Jashan and I started our Indian accents and freaked poor Sin Yi who wanted to go home to get ready for Mark.

Speaking of Mark i just remembered what i said. Well it happened when he wanted us to correct his posture for speaking, everything was fine but his feet werent together shoulder width apart but instead of saying that i pointed down and said "they r unequal". Now if someone was looking they would understand that i wasnt clearly at his feet but on a general scale of below the waist. (so go figure that out) Mark looked down, then looked at me and asked " can you be a little more specific, what is unequal" . The grls and i realised what i said and all of us including Mark burst out , with Mark who is always pink started blucshing so hard that he turned red. I think it was about 10 mins b4 we finally settled down. One thing is for sure Mark is absolutely fantastic, he teaches us stuff about debates in one session which we have never even covered a fraction of it in the entire year.

Friday was fine, nothing exceptionally great happened besides the fact that i was stonning major during Econs lecture, well i wasnt the only one doing that...hehe. Well these were the higlights about this week and it was definately great on the whole. But today is going to best every single one of these like any thing...finally my best frens are going to meet after say 5 months which is lonnnnngggggg compared to the fact that we used to be in the same school.

Oh yeah about the food for thought, i heard it on friday and it is definately interesting: Some people play games with their mind but sometimes the mind plays games on the person itself. Its actually kinda mind boggling if you read it the first time, i myself had to say the sentence a couple of time in my head before i understood what it meant but i cant think of examples of people playing games on their mind and vice versa.

I am going to take a cat nap and get myself of fresh so that i can stay up till 1+ tonight and get ready later....till later tataz yall


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