Sunday, October 16, 2005

Best Friends; can't imagine life without them

A friend once told me that the reason why i am close to my Grl bestfrens is because i am not attached and i COMPLETELY do not agree with this. I mean it would be an absolutely sad life if my life just revolved around my bf. I have known all my 3 bestfrens for 11 years now and how can i just leave and forget them althogether? afterall we have all stood by each other through thick and thin and stuck through the times when we had all our girly fights over absolutely trivial stuff and all.

We started out from the same primary school where we first met went on to different secondary schools although the two of us (Amar and me) were in the same school but right now all of us are doing completely different courses in different JCs and Polys with Economics being our common subject. (after all we aint bestfrend for no reason...) We do not share the same school holidays no more which makes it harder for us to meet but when we do meet we seem to multi-task like anything as we catch up, bully each other and the most important thing: to have FUN!!!Thats what we are known for any way.

We met for Navratri(an Indian festival) yesterday and although we could not stay till the end together we definately had fun and i can bet that all of us can't wait till we meet again whenever that will be.

So i simply can't see how anyone would just drift away from their bestfrens once they are attached, i mean i definately do not expect my guy to give up his bestfrens and choose me over them coz there are somethings or some special moments that you have shared with your bestfrens that you can forget. I hope that this never happens to any one but what happens if you breakup.....its your bestfrens whom you look for comfort and they are the ones that will be there definately be there if you ever need them.

Well i can solemnly promise that i will never leave/give up my bestfrens for anything in the world cause they are PRICELESS and nothing or no one can ever replace them coz its they who make my days when i ever feel down....its our unspoken feelings that keep us closeknit right now and will continue to do so in the future. Would just like to wish Gd luck to Amar, Jeis and Heenz for their promo's and module results respectively and cant wait to meet you Grls again and this time we are going to have a Blast like always......miss ya loads already


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