Sunday, October 16, 2005

What makes a home?

Picture a house that looks great to outsiders; its spick and span, nicely decorated and all and the inhabitants looks just fine to the outsiders. But once the outsiders are gone, it becomes are jail to the inhabitants except for the one who acts like the jailer/dictator. The owner too becomes a prisoner, and no one has a say in what they can or cannot do cause its the jailer who decides everything. The jailer infront of others will act all goodie and submissive but in the house it seems as if the split personality takes over. The atmosphere is suppresing and everything that the prisoners do is in fear of the jailer's temper which flares for absolutely no darn reason. Every move is monitored and scrutinised. One by one all the prisoners, who try to encourage each other to go on with life, start to drift apart. The family lives together but there is no connection holding them together as relationships begin to fall apart. One of them is able to forget or rather ignore the occurences and continue due to the support she has from those who love her but are not related to her, but it does not seem to apply to the hired help who simply takes all the nonsense of the jailer but there has to be a limit to that too right while the owner keeps the problems to himself and tried to satify the jailer but to no avail and has given up on the jailer and would find it a miracle if the jailer ever changes . The surprising thing about these people is their level of endurance because they live with the hope of the jailer changing and being capable of loving and satisfied with the luxurious life that she lives.

From all this i just pray for one thing that no one ever has to live like this and if they ever have to they have have a great friend that will be able to understand them.

(P.S: i noe this sounds depressing but it is true and do not take it too seriously and depress yourself....peace and take care)


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