Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Last Minute prep not advised but it worked for the 2nd Time

I can't believe this is the 2nd time our class left our preparation for our lit class assignment till the last minute. During the 1st 3 mths we had our Shakespeare dramatisation which no one could be interested until we watched the 1st group and everyone freaked out. Within 2 days we had our script refined with the cast, staged directions, lights, music, and costumes decided in less then 2 days, with most of the Credit going to Divyesh, Daniel and Shi han who worked on the script, with the cast and technicians being just great especially Janna who was great with the music and was commented for her work by Dr S, Ms K and Mrs Cindy Loh. It was absolutely great with Tricia as our leading actress looking absolutely smashing, our two bouncers(div and faisal), our sad duke(daniel) and our indian captain(fuad who was forced into dropping his sarong leaving a pair of yellow boxers with a flower painted in the middle at Ewis's place). All this last minute effort really payed off when we WON THE TOP PLACE and recieved 3 boxes of chocolates from Marks and Spencers!!! Thats our class who was involved in one way or another for the play......hehe there is a reason why every one is pointing to fuad.........

Well we recieved another one after our last promo paper which was lit ppr 8, it was a dramatic debate on Measure for Measure. It was completely forgotten or rather it was ignored till monday when the class present decided on boycotting the costumes and the meeting was adjourned. On Tuesday, which is today, Marlina and I being the lit rep and all decided to gather the class and decide on who was going to speak since Ewis who was going to play Angelo fell sick and we were in a complete mess. So we all gathered at the benches behind LT 3 and started discussing. Justin and Fuad were'nt willing due to the fact that they participated in the GP debates and wanted other to go. At first, Marlina was an absolute darling as she always is by volunteering to be Mistress Overdone, then I followed by opting to be Angelo so we were left with 2 characters(Lucio and Claudio) that had to be filled. We persuaded Andy to play one of the roles with Wan wen half willingly and half persuaded volunteered to take the other role when Andy had decided who he wanted to play. The roles switched a couple of times between Wan wen and Andy before we went into LT 3, with the hope of the aircon being on BUT it was'nt!!! Oh well, but it was a productive place as we came up with really good points especially since the motion was: The whorehouse believes that Isabella is a hypocrite. Everyone just started to pitch in and Alan who was feeling bored decided to be the door stopper and keep the door open to let the air in since it was getting kinda stuffy and Vanessa who was helping with the points, went to hold open the other door. Justin was absolutely amazing with all the jokes and stuff which he came up with which the 3 of us modified to suit our speeches. Oh and a final point is that we started all this at 10.00a.m when our lit period was starting at 11.45a.m.

So finally we made our way to LT 1 and while waiting, Malz and I rushed up to the staffroom to borrow Miss Angeline Sim's shawl as all the other groups were reasonably well-dressed or dressed in some way to suit their character. The 1st 2 rounds were hilarious due to the intentional and accidental sexual puns and jokes. When it came to our round the four of us were feeling jittery but that compelety wore off thanks to Marlz who started out great, fabulous for us and completing the 3 mins was a breese. The only thing was our opponents who seemed on the verge of breaking down and crying and it seemed as if they took everything we said personally. Nevertheless, our last speaker Wan wen who played claudio, closed our side with a huge BANG with her signature Why???s and hand actions especially when she said hypocritical, she was absolutely Wonderful and was considered for best speaker.

Finally Dr S came up to the mick and gave a lil prep talk before announcing the results(she mentioned the prizes as well).So the results are........Drum roll please........Runners up are A202!!!!!!!!! Just like the first time it took me sometime to register that we won before i started cheering. We sent Wan wen down to collect our $50 BUCKS SWENSENS voucher(man the lit department are generous when it some to prices!). The winners were A201 who got a $100 swensens voucher with Muslim being the best speaker and got a $20 Borders voucher. Told ya the lit department is rich and kind. They rawk especially Miss Marilyn Goh who went to get them. Its a pity our whole class wasn't around to enjoy the celeberation. Any way, my dear dear classmates told us that we ought to use the voucher for us 4 debators but we will take a class trip to Swensens after ramadan as a class outing and enjoy our hard work!!!!! Man do i love my class and the lit department today and will continue to do so forever.

Oh do i wish that we had taken a photo taken today like we did the last time but i guess we will take much funkier ones during our trip to Swensens. Oooo...la~la~la cant wait till then......


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