Tuesday, November 01, 2005

HappY Diwali to Everyone

Diwali is finally here, I am happy yet it feels like i am missing something( u noe the kinda feeling that makes u feel hollow, longing for someone). Finally i realised and it was no one else but my parents, who have gone to Delhi for a religious festival for the opening of the Delhi Akshardam. For those of u who happen to be in touch with the news would know that last week there were a couple of blasts in the Capital. So i am kinda worried for them...but after all they will be fine...i juz noe it. So there u go, i am home alone and celebrating Diwali on my own. Thank goodness for friends who i will be meeting later...but i have this naughty grl inside me wishing that something like the movie home alone would happen to me...nothing brutal or kidnapping like, juz pure innocent fun.....and i emphasis innocent fun.

Any way i hope i do have fun, not too much so that i will forget my guju and will still be able to do well for my MT ao ppr. My ankle is getting much better,( A Commondo, my uncle, gave me my worst and best massage that made me cry from the almost boiling water and 3/4 bowl of salt in a tub full of water.) I am walking normally but my GAIT still isn't back, the swelling has gone down thanks to the anti-inflamation cream that my mum got my VOLTAREN Emulgel thats the one...my dad went to get a cream for the muscles which is supposed to relieve muscle aches. Despite all this my dad is great and i mean Great at buying me stuff like clothes, my jewellery(not diamonds n all those kinds...the kinds that i like) although he got me these great sets of necklaces cum chokers with bracelets but forgot the earrings...its ok he gave me the go ahead to go buy earrings before my mum could kickup a fuss(i have a fettish for earrings...my mum once had to stop me from buying a whole box of earrings from India...i love those dangly kinds and only allowed me to buy 1 pair, coz she is worried about my ear holes becoming bigger...actually that is kinda true coz indian earrings can be really heavy but i still love them...hehe). So i am Hoping my dad will bully my mum into buying a couple of designer indo-western stuff for me from india...hehe...and i told my parents to get themselves stuff as well coz Delhi is the Place for really cool designer or non designer wear!

Ok so now u noe i love dressing up(for the right occasions) even though it doesnt look like that, i love mixing and matching as well like what i did for National day this year when i emceed with the debators, i was wearing chinese but had indian bangles, earrings and anklet on...and very few people will notice it coz it matches, it doesnt stand out and make it look bad or scream out for attention.

Well i think i will go listen to more music because it makes me happy and keeps me happy till i hit the couch once again. Wishing everyone a Very Happy Diwali, hope you have a wonderfull year ahead filled with happiness and peace and Enjoy ur hols. Toodles


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