Wednesday, November 23, 2005


My mum loves and hates the fact that its the holidays. The reasons: she can boss me around and make me do stuff and run errands and she cant stand me having holidays is because i will irritate her when i get bored, and when hunger or cravings strike, i rummage the entire kitchen and now know all her hiding places of my favourite junk stuff and where and how she stores i can eat and she will only know when all the stuff is finished. Hehehehe....this is fun untill i have to carry out the errands.

So i have to go and update the passbook soon and since i am going to Tampines central i can "go down to NTUC and get more mothballs". I mean how lame is for mothballs. Its not just any type of mothballs, mu mum is specific about her brands although she doesnt know the names she knows what it looks like. So yea...but thank goodness this doesn't happen often and i cant stand the smell of mothballs either as they always remind me of the horrible science experiment we did in Secondary school where we melt mothballs in glass testubes and measure the temperature differences. (cant remember the aim of it)

Well i got to run...hope the moths stay away and i get the right brand....


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