Sunday, November 06, 2005

More movies

I watched loads more movies on Hallmark: Riding the bus with my Sister, Mulan 2( General Li Sheng is hot finally i found my tall, dark and handsome chinese guy...haha....n he reminds me of the RJC 2nd speaker who happens to be quite gentlemanly, Sheng, and man can he debate), the first hindi movie i ever watched when i was about 6 Diwale Dulhaniye Le Jayenge( the onscreen couple Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan, man do they look cute, hot and just perfect with each other i mean come on still look as good and thats why they are my favourite bollywood actors). I am addicted to great movies and am planning to do more than be a potato couch coz i have gotten my gait back and cant wait to get out after my OP, freedom is gonna smell so it. I am addicted to Disney Songs as well...oh well i need to go of and multi task while watching Heidi on Disney, The Nanny back to back episodes on Hallmark and do my OP speech....hehe toodles ya'll


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