Friday, November 04, 2005

Hallmark Original movies - Simply the Best Channel and Where Great stories come to Life

I have been watching lots of TV recently and my favourite eye relievers are Star World, Disney Channel, Hallmark channel and Discovery travel and adventure. Starworld never fails to make me laugh, Disney gives loads of educational stuff and its the only channel that has Raven, Ricky Ullman(who was in Spore recently and had a bunch of young kids showing him ard Singapore) and Even Stevens.

Although all the channels are unique on their own and no other can provide me with the same entertainment, Hallmark always pulls a few heartstrings with its simple stories and cast, which can consist of really gd n famous actors and those that fit the character really well. Besides the movies, its drama series are fantastic with The Nanny, Bewitched, Judging Amy, Strong Medicine, Mysterious ways. Whenever i watch Judging Amy i tell myself that i so have to be like her. She is good, simply the best, she settles things in the simplest way possible, all those rich snobbish lawyers' bombastic words just do not work on her, its K.I.S.S that works: keep it simple stupid. Oh yea she is good and she kicks butts like anything and she gets chosen by the congress for the justice department for some high notch position. Besides that i watched 2 movies on real life stories: 1) The gift of love: the Daniel Huffman story( Daniel, who is a football superstar and will recieve a full scholarship dor college and get to play as the All Americans, donates his kidney to his grandmother which does not allow him to play football anymore. However he is offered a scholorship for college and becomes the assistant coach for one of the top dogs: Seminoles) and 2) Fast food high( Patty's this fast food outlet is horible to its employees: no minimum wages, no fixed work shifts, no leaves permitted, no medical/dental checkups etc causes alot of upset at one of its outlets, when a popular Grl takes it up on her shoulders to form a union to demand wages etc. Everyone pitches in at first but then all her friends find that its wasting their time and they are not enjoying their college life so their spill out the story about the trade union to the manager which causes a whole uproar, attaracts the media and results in a referendum kinda thingie where all the employees had to vote if the trade union should be formed or not. She looses her best friends, her boyfriend and almost everyone whom she has known for ages except that she makes better friends this time who are willing to stick with her throught thick or thin. Turns out majority voted no and the union did not pass, however, the Grl went on to become a great leader in the unions, helped loads of people and ot recognised in Canada. Darn why did i forget her name) The one that i watched today was Fielder's choice which is about Phillipe whose sister dies in a car accident and he becomes the legal guardian of Zach, an autistic 12 year old boy. He is an absolute workoholic and has no idea how to take care of Zach and even considers giving up his custody of him to his cousin. He slowly learns that it is never too late to start a family no matter how hard it is because everyone in the family loves and trusts each other no matter what. Stars Chad Lowe and George Seagal who are amazing actors.

Oh well i am going off to watch another episode of the nannys. Will most probably stay up late but who cares, MT ao is over today and its time to relax, and my PW members dont worry, will be working on my OP speech cant let you guys down now can I? Well for those of u who are still up Gd nite and Sweet Dreamz and for those of you who are having a wonderful chat with the Z monsters watch out for the Sandman....haha i miss school but lurve the hols...toodles poodles noodles adious cious....


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