Monday, November 07, 2005

The Holidays have begun

Alritey, OP went rather well today oh i think watching the science class's group first gave us a boost of doing much better then them. (Andy was great, i told him that if i had closed my eyes and visualised a person with the same voice and all i would not picture someone like him but a rather good public speaker. On the whole i think each and everyone of us did rather well...wohoo). So here i am after a good cat snooze. loving the sweet smell of freedom as we only have to go back to schl to hand in the I&R.

Enough about School as i have loads of things to do during my hols, clean my room, read all the books that i have been wanting to read since Sec 4, go watch HP 4, The chronicles of narnia, Chicken little and any gd movie that comes out, go for that french photographers exhibition near forum(i think i may be wrong), watch Holiday on Ice, meet up loads of times with my best frens, debators and other frens, make loads of cards,learn how to cook indian basic stuff so that i can try out Jamie Oliver's and others recipes especially make loads of smoothies.....and that is how long i can make my list for right now. I really do hope to get everything done so that i will not have to carry on the nagging feeling of not- being-able-to-do-what-i-wanted-to-do-during-the-holidays feeling next yr so that i can happily study and not try to relive my my i think that feeling would be great....hehe.

So yea the holidays are here and i am feeling good, this friday the Debator Grls and I are going to David's restaurant, Brazil Churraascaria, for dinner and there will be no Ms K(she has the MJ staff dinner and dance on that day) or the seniors(their A's) so that will just allow us to be as free and casual a we can be with David and i can tell from now that it is it gonna be absolutely informal from both ways, we are going to bully him and he will try to get back at us but usually fails miserably(David is really nie to us and actually thinks of us as his sweet...he once got us nouggats from Australia)...haha.

Well since mummy is back i am gonna help her unpack with the hope of seeing all the stuff she got first hand.....till later..... tataz


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