Friday, November 18, 2005

My nose

My nose and dust have been rivals since the day i was born and considering that i was born in India and dust is abundant there i would be immune to it but NO! Dust is irritating and my nose is able to pick up slight traces of it. My sensitive nose will start working up the minute some microscopic dust particle enters my nose.

I am allergic to dust and it makes worst when your nose acts as the messenger to transmit the message to my brain that i have to clean up my desk and notice board instead of my fingers. This morning the minute i went near my deak, my nose twitched-it started to itch and before i knew it i started sneezing like crazy, the nose started running before my immune system kicked in to result in a blocked nose and hoarse voice.

At the same time my mum started nagging at me about having reminded me a million time about cleaning out all the unwanted stuff from my desk and especially my notive board which has just been collecting piles of dust. (my mum has a tendancy to over exaggerate) So i applied axe oil with the hope of unblocking my nose so that i wouldn't feel suffocated, armed myself with a wet rag and attacked my desk. I was shocked at how much i removed from my desk, newspaper cuttings, rough papers, cards and piles of dust that triggered of a second round of battle with my nose. This time eucalyptus oil stopped the alergic reaction but left me with a blocked nose again.

So finally everything from my desk was dust-free when i realised that i should aroma-therapize(its a word i created) my room to purify all the air(do i sound like professor trelawny?) and remove all dust suspended in the air and dust-related microscopic species(are there such things) if any.

My nose is now back to normal, i am breathing good,fresh air through unblocked nostrils and enjoying life and preparing to go and finish reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire before i watch the movie tommorow. So till my next post....tataz and may you have a healthy nose


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