Sunday, November 27, 2005

An Evening of Accomplishments

Today i finally have this feeling of having accomplished something after a month of being lethargic and plain lazy. Its amazing how many things can be done in one day, just ONE. The amazing thing is everthing happened after 6 pm in the evening...not before.

As usual i was lazing around like i have been doing, walking around the house, watching Hindi Soaps with my mum on Zee TV, Star Plus and Sony Television(these are Indian Channels that you have to pay for to watch from Starhub), eating and munching, a lil bit of reading, surfing on the comp before hitting the cycle again and snoozing off.

Saturdays are our Grocery Days when my parents head to Little India to buy a weeks worth of veges, normal foodstuff(normal for us veggies i mean) and the necessary things for a house. My mum was coughing away due to the Bronchitis that she got from going to Delhi, she couldn't accompany my dad on his usual rounds and so i was sent instead "because i have to learn". So off we went with the radio blasting in the car and with my dad and i arguing as usual. I learnt that the Pillsbury brand of wheat flour that we use to make chappatis costs $5 for 5 kgs( i found this really cheap...well is it?) We headed over to the same place that we buy our veges from and i picked out really good stuf and i aint boastingg or making myself feel good coz my mum herself told me that the veges are good without me even asking....Wohoo!Accompanied my dad to the POSB cash deposit and almost got mad at the machine as it would take in the notes in groups and claim that it cant except the notes. So we had to do it 5 times before all off them were excepted and thank goodness no one was around so we didn't make anyone wait. From there my dad rushed me to the NLB and i borrowed my books in a mad rush in 15 mins as none of my usual authors were there and all others seemed different so i just borrrowed by judging the book covers and the synopsis. By the way, they happen to be good ones..haha. Once home i managed to confirm when i am meeting up with my geog group mates for our geog project and decided on getting our debate trainings started.

Yippie, i manged to do everything and even managed to watch a bit of the Liverpool-Man City my Sisko is good, Cisse and Risse are as powerful as ever and am ecsatic as Liverpool is back on the track. Any way Liverpool won as usual 1- nil, Risse the red head scored. So there is my evening of Accomplishments and i am glad!


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