Sunday, April 29, 2007


The morning rain cancelled my plans to go to the gym and for my swim. Ugh, i tell you Singapore has the craziest weather. When the sun is out and about, we complain that its getting too hot and we want the rain. But when the rains come, they come accompanied with hoards of water from goodness knows where and loads of lightning and thunder. The whole atmosphere is soaking wet and dark making my mood rather gloomy.

Well at the end of the day my mopping was heard at the Great heavens as the sky cleared and the huge, bright, yellow round sun came out and i happily got my roller blades on and headed out with my dark shades.

I tried out a new route today. It was great, as in i really had a good work out and it was a fun route with me speeding along, swerving and looking like an absolute maniac at times.

Although i feel that i need a blading buddy, i kind of enjoy the me time. But i still would like to have a blading buddy.

But i doubt if there are any around.

Anyway i got to go, the movie Taal starring Aishwariya Rai is on. Always been a great fan of that movie.



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