Thursday, April 05, 2007

The revealings of Sitemeter

I know that my blog hasn't been very active as i have been having mood swings and my obstinance can make me write absolute nonsense that i would think of as perfect sense when i am not in the right mood. Nope its nothing major, its just personal conflicts that would make me seem like a schizophrenic to all those that read this blog. The truth actually is that for some reason, i am enjoying the personal time that i have right now. My outings have not been reduced but they aren't as frequent as others. Maybe its just another new phase that will pass. As to when will it pass, i have no idea and i am in no rush.

I know that my blog is mundane, it isn't filled with daily anecdotes. My writing is definately plain and nothing fanciful. I am definately not complaining about my blog or comparing myself with other bloggers and feeling absolutely horrid because it is my choice that i do not feel like blogging.

Today's post was meant to be relective but it is actually going to go out to a certain someone who reads my blog. Thanks for reading my blog and having my blog under your links but i would like to know who you are, if you don't mind. I am guessing that your screen name is shutale/denise. I tried to figure out who you are but i couldn't. I would absolutely love to receive a email from you. Please send it to the email address that you find at the top right hand corner.
And your way of writing is amazing, poetic yet prose - like in content.

I think i will sign off here as i am not willing to blog about my work currently but will definately do so once my stint at this place is over. All i am going to say is that this place is interesting and i never thought i would work at this place. The work is interesting, hilarious and exasperating. Its just amazing.

Thats it......Ta to ya'll


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