Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Can someone tell me?

1)I have been wanting to learn how to surf for very long. Are there any clubs/soceities that teach how to surf. But i doubt if any great waves can be caught at the Singapore beaches. Still i want to learn.

2)Any club / soceity on scuba diving? Been wanting to do that for very long as well.

3)Any Ice hockey club for recreational players? I need to learn first. If it aint possible, how about inline hockey. Wanted to join inline hockey in 2006 but gave up the idea as it was a activity out of school and debates was taking up too much of my free time. Also i didn't pursue it as i couldn't commit for the female soccer team as well.

I just want to join a sport as i haven't since i used to play basketball in TKGS. If anyone happens to know, can you please tell me? Thanks a bunch !

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Anonymous Robyn said...

Good post.

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