Monday, March 19, 2007

Partial Solar Eclipse

Today, there was a partial solar eclipse in the morning. Actually i didn't even now about it till i came back from rollerblading.

The atmosphere and the weather was pretty dull today and the sunshine was concentrated at certain angles. Must be due to the eclipse that prevented the sun from letting it light brightening up the atmosphere.

Its said that it ain't good to be out when there is any form of eclipse going on. Maybe it could have caused the black spots that i began to see.

Besides, this eclipse is particularly close to the vernal equinox that will occur on the 21st of March.

I wish i knew more about eclipse(s). There are 2 more for this year. Today's one was the 2nd one. The 1st eclipse of this year was a total lunar eclipse on the 3rd of April. The next total lunar eclipse is the 3rd eclipse for this year and will happen on the 28th of August. As for the last eclipse, it will be a partial solar eclipse as well and will occur on the 11th of September.

For some reason, my interest in astronomy has awaken and i hope i can understand the readings that are out there.


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