Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What it is about Exams that really freaks me out

My fear for exams is not the inability of not being able to understand or comprehand the questions. I am not being over confident here by claiming that i am a complete know it all and smart ass that is able to sprout facts about Economics and Geography without a second or analysing a piece of text at its first reading. The actual reason as to why i am not very concerned about this is issue is because i really do feel that if i have studied hard enough and do know what is needed and am confident that i do know the necessary details well enough, it is just a matter or twisting the question around to suit what you know and pen it all down. ( I know this sounds really easy to say right now but i think by the A levels, a majority - if not all of the students should be able to put the above into action. )

What i am really afraid about for exams especially the major ones is the possibility of having a complete blank out and not being able to remember a single detail. Along with that, i am afraid that this phase will not be momentary but rather something that prevents me from completing the entire exam paper, which in turn results in me having miserable grades and facing the prospect of not achieving my goals.

Actually i am so afraid about this that i have now decided that i am not going to be posting this up till after my A levels. I know this sounds silly but this feeling that i get is a nagging one that is always present in my head.

However, because of this i have indeed prepared myself that if the unexpected ever happens and threatens to upset whatever situation that i am in, i will not panic and try to gain control of the situation and make the best out of it instead of giving up and lifting my hands of the entire situation.

Where there is a will, there is a way - i have always felt that this quote has always made loads of sense because if someone is deteremined enough to get their goals fulfilled, they will indeed be prepared to face both the good and the bad that comes along the way and prove it to others that it is indeed possible to make their dreams come true instead of simply leaving on cloud number 9.


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