Friday, March 23, 2007

Realization? Not

Joel's latest blog entry just transformed those bells that have been ringing in my head for the past 3 weeks into loud church bells.

Joel has always had his inner talent with him and he finally realised what he is really good at.

Today, i have no inclination about the direction my life is heading to with full force. Till date, i have taken up subjects that i have never pursued. First it was the whole Triple Science fever when i was in TKGS and after the horrendous realisation that acience isn't for me i happily switchd to Arts in MJC thinking i was an arts person. Today, i am not at any crossroads. I am just standing alone in some weird desert in my head, cracking my brain and asking myself at every possible juncture in life as to why i want to do business. Its a good thing i got over the whole thing of making law my career long before i even got into law school. I know its late but i finally realised that i do not have the cut for law and i would not have been able to take the pressure. I guess the only comforting thought is that i have still continued swimming and i guess i have used those speech and drama skills from that course that i went to.

Currently the only thought that has been running through my head is the major that i may take if i get into Business and i have absolutely no idea about what it actually entails.

I think my brain is just muddled up.

I want those letters to come in fast, thats it.


Anonymous Joel said...


I wouldn't worry so much if I were you, there's an old Chinese saying that everything works out on its own eventually.

I wrote that I need direction in my life, and that's not true. What I need is focus, what I ~want~ is direction, because that's easy. Then again, I know people who are engineered from young to become laywers, doctors kablah, but who know they're made for something else. You know the whole sob story..

I'd rather my blog entry have inspired you to start relishing the things you enjoy and realising your cut in life slowly, rather than some premature epiphany of what you will do with the rest of your life.

1:48 AM  

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