Wednesday, April 11, 2007

All i want is


Yeap that is right.

I am tired about everything. No i am not angsty right now, i am just tired.

I need that someone, that is new in my life that can teach me how to trust again and how to laugh.

I am serious about me learning how to laugh. The last hearty laugh i had is now in my memory that i have been preserving through these very trying times. These memories lighten my heart, make my lips turn up and give me a glimpse of hope to carry on.

But i really feel as if i am lagging. I need some change that can revive me. I need to get over this feeling that i keep having: the likelyhood of tears welling up in my eyes as the horrible memories flood past the barriers that i have put in my mind can result in me having a huge breakdown anytime.

I am tough, but i feel that if i have been placed on this earth to help others, isn't there someone who is here on earth that is here to help me?

I am not being selfish and i am not throwing a tantrum. I am just tired of being the object that is being volleyed to and fro without any rest. I am just asking for some comfort.

I am not demanding, i guess i will be fine if my want isn't fulfilled.

I guess if i am not broken at the end of all this, i will be a stronger person.


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