Saturday, March 03, 2007

The results

Yesterday was a day that i know i won't be experiencing again. The nervous anxiety, the constant urge to breakdown and the final shock is just too much of feelings for just one piece of paper.

The results were fine. No more, no less. Yeap, i didn't get what i expected but i am satisfied. I am definately in a better mood today than i was yesterday. Currently there is nothing for me to give up. As for now, i am just going to move on as whats done is done. There is nothing i can really do about it.

I just hope i can get to that final destination in life. Seriously, there is a limit to how much these grades can determine our life.

Anyway, i would just like to congratulate all those that got their results yesterday, no matter what the results are - the congrats are meant for you being able to get past the exhausting and mind boggling two years. We JC students have now left them behind forever.

Oh and just a piece of interesting fact: Yesterday was the 2nd of March and it was exactly 3 months since the day the A levels started: 2nd Nov 06.


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