Saturday, February 24, 2007

I am Back!

Yes people, i am back in Singapore. Been back since the 16th of Feb and i noe i am late in updating my blog. I am sorry. The thing is, i've been really busy - had the loads of unpacking to do coupled with cleaning up the house and getting thouse disgusting dust balls out of my nose's sight. Besides, there was the tussle between the parents that got everything upset.

Getting over the miseries, its on to whats left in 2007. Yeap, i celebrated New Year in India and it was a different one. It was my 2 cousins, 2 aunts( actually one is only 6 months older and the other is 3 years older than me) and me that did the coundown to 2007 while the elder folks - that includes my mum - were happily snoring. Besides that instance , the bonding between my cousins got even better. Oh and if there was one thing that i learnt about my cousins was that my guy cousins are bent on irritating us girls. And they all are younger than us.

On the whole, the trip to India was great. I had fun, had a whole load of experiences( includes straightening my hair), met loads of people as well, learnt how to drive, got my indian driving license, got really nice clothes for my one and only older cousin brother's wedding, took part in other wedding rituals that have to be performed by unmarried girls, got teased a whole lot by aunts and grand aunts who had nothing better to do(as i am the next in line in my generation - that does no include those 2 aunts as they are a generation older), teased my cousin brother, got mehndi - or also known as henna in Singapore applied on my hands for the wedding, got to witness the entire wedding and had more fun.

I took a couple of photos during the stay at the countryside and during a mini gathering but i havent uploaded them on the computor yet. Also, i didn't bring my camera along for the wedding, so i will have to wait for my cousin brother to scan them and send them to me.

But now that i am back, my mood's been dampened. Its the impending results. My share of uncanny nightmares that made sense yet didn't when i woke up - have made the wait miserable.

Currently i am at a huge loss. But i hope not to be in the future. Putting aside the sad stuff, i would like to inform that i would love to meet up with my friends but it will have to be in the weekends as i will be starting work soon. I am still contactable on my handphone and by email. So do contact me - even if its just for a chat. :>


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