Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Whats Stopping me?

I had thought i would treat myself by pre-ordering the HP book 7 but i didn't.

I was a total fool today at the place i work (for those of you who do know please do not announce it on my blog, there is a reason. Sms/email me and i will tell you.) and i gloriously covered it up before they realised what a horried fool i am.

Oh and just a thought, i want to go roller blading when its raining - doesn't have to be pouring, drizzling will do. I think it would be grade. Am just worried that the blades will stink if they don't dry properly and my scorpian prowlers are mighty expensive.

Swimming in the rain - been there, done that. Its a glorious feeling especially when i take a huge breath and stay underwater to see the rain fall right into the water. Swimming under the hot sun - done that loads of times, evidence 1: never fading tan due to the layers of tan that have accumulated over the years and evidence 2: hair that turning lighter after every single session these days. My mum who always bugs me to exercise ends up getting a "heart attack" when she sees these 2 evidences.

How am i supposed to water proof my blades? I think i am going bonkers once again.


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