Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Creative Director

Hats off to Lisa, the Creative Director of my geog project group that consisted of Dari, Bev, Marilyn, Lisa and me. She is smart and a really fast thinker(meaning she can fix the damages really fast by coming up with solutions to stuff that seems to threaten the existence of our beautiful model. Aint telling what our model is about but its on the Coast(Big Hint)..haha am just being silly.....Well i just wanna tell the girls that our model is just great now that everything has dried up and settled down and it looks real like, just have our lil write up to go.

I just realised that this is gonna be my 2nd shortest post ever since my 1st entry. Oh well its just that i am not doing much and basically slacking so that doesn't generate no thinking and thought processing juices so i aint got no wonderful ideas for a blog post. ( Pardon me and btw i think i sound afro-american in the last line....dunno how that came around but i am the way they speak)


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