Sunday, December 04, 2005

Football - The beautiful Game

The football that i am refering to is Soccer because the Americans decided to start a different version of Rugby and call it Football as well. Nevermind about them. Yesterday after watching the full 90 mins of Liverpool vs Wigan, i realised i havent watched a full match since Jan thanks to school and the time difference between Singapore and Europe.

There was not a single doubt in me about Football being the only beautiful game in the world especially when Liverpool is playing as it is a family club and you can tell that by just glancing at the stands as the Dads and Sons are ecstatic but so are the women, young and old who are just having fun as well. Benitez took some time to get to know Liverpool and the new players especially the spanish players who needed some time to gell in with the rest. However, despite the time and horrible games, Benitez has definitely whipped the entire team into shape. The team is winning, every single player is glorifying himself as well the fabulous goals that just keep increasing with every game. I mean LFC(Liverpool Football Club...for those of you who do not know)have gone up the table from about 12 to 2nd for couple of hours and are 3rd now that Man U won last night as well. Risse with his red hair and broad chest was a great asset to the game, Cisse was unselfish when he could have scored but passed to Morientes since he was open, Steve Finnan is Smart by kicking the ball against opponent's knee so that it was kicked out before it went out, Peter Crouch who has always been playing well, finally broke his scoring duck with 2 goals(i know the 1st one is under scrutiny if it is a own goal by the Goalie, still Crouch scored the 2nd one), Jamie Carragher, Harry Kewell and Steven Gerrad were great and simply awesome as usual, Luis Garcia and Moreintes are still great as a pair with Garcia being the little boy that he his and an amazing striker(he scored the 3rd goal when Morientes passed him the ball) and Sami Hyypia was hilarious as he was grinning like a small boy who created some mischeif and had a whole load of fun when he recieved a Yellow card and continued grinning at the referee like he was crazy to give a yellow card when he himself was having so much of fun. I cant seem to remember anymore players, i think its because i am Just crazily Happy that Liverpool Won and i watched every single goal while sitting at the sofa instead of scrambling out from my piles of work and sprinting to the Living room when my dad shouts like crazy to tell me that "a simply great goal was scored". My dad deflated my thought of Liverpool having the perfect team now as Liverpool needs a right winger and a central back as Sami Hyypia is getting old( FYI he is only 32 and cant really keep up with young bulldogs like Rooney...this isn't an insult or anything, real English players were called bull dogs back in time) and my arguement of Hyypia being a wise, ole owl didn't hold any ground as " the mind will say run but the body won't be able to".

Well i am in a dilemma right now due to the FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany next year as i have no idea who i am going to support and i know that i will not be able to enjoy the fun as it is the A level next year and the mid years are right after the June holidays. Socceroos seem to be good right now but i have no idea about the rest especially England as something or another always keep poping up after every match England plays. I wasn't able to watch the World Cup in 2002 due to Streaming for Sec 2 and now once again i am going to have to look forward to the next WC which is the 2010 World Cup patiently...

Despite all the time-consuming-academic-load that 2006 brings along i can't wait for next year as i will be 18 and will be able to take my driving test and i really hope that i will be able to pass the very first time. Well there is no harm dreaming especially when you have gotten your dad to promise you driving lessons before your birthday. My dad has had loads of Car incidents(not accidents) before his legal age and one of which that ended up in my Grand dad's car license being suspended as my dad did not have a license then as he was underage and there was no way to suspend my dad's license. The feeling of wind through your hair is something that cannot be replicated as the thrill of driving and the wind is very different from having a full fan blowing right at your face, not only does that harm your eyes but it just does not have the oomph! So there it is!


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