Sunday, December 25, 2005


I am still in shock from what has happened. I always believed that my house, at least my family would be far from scandals and such but I was brought back to reality with a sharp jolt on Friday. Currently I am still not in a position to talk about it as I do not even know all the details of what is going on and what will happen in the near future. However I have learnt a couple of lessons from this, people are willing to do anything for money and fun, those who are gullible and too trusting will be taken advantage of their trust and will most probably loose faith in people around them if they do not confide in someone soon.

Besides this I have taken pains to look through my New Year resolutions and I realised that they are applicable for the rest of my life:

1) Not to think negatively about anyone including those that I may dislike. If I cannot help disliking a person, I will try to refrain from talking about the person. I mean I am not going get anything from thinking negatively about someone, I am sure I can try to learn from the good stuff that a person has. Its not like I am perfect, everyone has both good and bad in them, I am sure there must be people who dislike me and I am fine with that, I do not expect everyone to get along just fine with everyone and finally since I believe in the presence of an almighty so who am I to decide if a person is good or bad. In other words be nice as well.

2) Fix your goals, plan accordingly, carry out the actions, continue to persevere even though situations may continue to change and not remain ideal.

3) Pray not only for myself but for the good of others. It doesn’t harm anyone and may help others for the better.

So I have my resolutions out and I know for sure that it isn’t going to be easy to carry them out in perfection but I can try my level best and resist temptation. I really hope that I can do what I believe in manage to make my dreams come true.

Since its Christmas, I would just like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Hope you have a wonderful year ahead filled with happiness and all your wishes come true. Enjoy your Holidays…With lotsa love.... AnneJ


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