Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I'm Back

The 6 days road trip to malaysia was great, Genting was freezing(for someone who stays in hot n humid Singapore), Penang was sunny and lovely, KL was a buzzing city and the rest was all green(i mean the scenes along the highways that are dominated by wild vegetation, oil palm plantations and agriculture). The entire trip revived my JC1 Geography syllabus right down from Coastal Geomorphology, Rocks and Landforms to Population. I remembered a lil here and there without the specifics and main points which made me guilty of wasting my hols and not revising a single thing especially when we are going to be having welcome back Leture tests for Econs and Geog and continuation of Mysteries of Udolpho for Lit. However the guilt reinforces the fact that i really have to be prepared for next year as everything is going to be starting off with full force and the sprint will continue throughout the year, which will not be responsible for people like me who may fall behind if they do not keep up. It is kinda terrifying...however i guess i can prevent it by working during the christmas hols right, lets hope. Sprints reminds me that the NAFA test awaits our return to PE, and it has to be done right the first time especially the Guys.....

Next year seems far yet so near and i have no idea what to do with myself. I feel like i have a continous storm raging in my brain as i cant seem to figure out anything. It seems like i have a whole lot to accomplish by next year: my grades need to be pulled up drastically, i cant loose hope over debates, need to improve my language, prepare myself for the continuous 3 hour papers, understand the concepts of economics as fast as possible, learn how to answer essays questions, develop skills, become mature, accept failure as a step to success, be humble, continue to persevere and finally not to forget those who have always been by my side during the rat race.

All this really seems gloomy but the fact that i have amazing classmates that never fail to cheer up and encourage one another helps a whole lot. I can still remember when Andy sent out smses to the whole class on the night right before our promos started, and the mugging sessions that we had. Come to think of it i am gonna be pushing all these dismal thoughts to the back of my mind till school reopens and not dwell on them till tutors and lecturors bring them up again.

All this aside, i have been wondering about what Marlz put up on her blog, i am one of her 7 victims and that comes as a major surprise to me. I mean i don't recall ever being bullied by her or felt terrorized. Was i supposed to feel scared of u Marlz? Please enlighten me and why am i an object of victimisation to you? Have i ever done anything anger you, I am sorry......Although i am greatful that you like my veggie lunchboxes and my funky hair(not hair do as i have natural curly hair, i do not create that style and i think its not possible as well...LOL...kinda hilarious to think that my kinda curls can be made)

Anyway, Dari and Wan Wen have asked for a date to be set for a class outing on either the 22nd or the 29th of Dec and i am sorry i can't make it on either of the days as my Grand Uncle and Aunt have extended their stay till New Year's eve. So please carry on with whatever is decided and the plans that were decided, oh and please use up the Swensons voucher and do not wait for me as i Swenson's Ice-creams are not eggless, so it wont be of any use if you wait for me ya.


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