Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Been busy

Wan Wen's tag made me realise that it more than a week has zoomed by since my last entry. Well too many things are going on at the same time. I got my SAT 1 done and over with on the 2nd of December, after which everything is going at fast speed( moderate at times).

The thing is i am going off to India on the 13th of December and will not be back till Febuary next year. Yes, it is a super long time but i can't help it. I want to go and the incentives are many and that includes a cousin's wedding - finally the marriages that take place is in my generation although i aint going to get married any time soon(my cousin is 25 plus and i am 18 so its a long long way to go). As such, my blog will be on a vacation for the 2nd time in 6 months as i really don't think i can update any posts from there although i will be checking my emails; so do keep in touch.

Packing is no joke, it requires loads of economic decision to be made as the best alternative has to be forgone as the things we pack must benefit us and others. I still have loads of things to do and that includes clearing out a shelf in my cupboard.

Anyway i do not want to go into the silly and crazy things i have been up to because its absolutely typical of me. I will be taking a temporary diary along to India so that i can jot down all my thoughts and the un- typical thangs that happened.

I really do not have much to say except that i will be missing loads of get togethers, parties and such and i am really sorry. More than events, it is the people that i am going to miss. My class, The Debator Grls and my friends are the people whom i am going to remember loads during my stay in India.

I am not expecting much out of my trip this time round as i do not want to be dissappionted but i do want to learn loads of things before i head back here. Really, this time round i want to relax and appreciate everything and i mean it.

Even though i know that this entire post is a jumble of all i had to say, i still have one more thing i want to add.

It is to the person i met in the afternoon, on the 2nd of December. I really doubt that you read my blog because i don't even think you know that i have a blog. All i wanted to say was Sorry - for not getting a conversation started. Well, there is always an introvert within and extrovert and that is what stopped me from starting a conversation. There is no doubt that you are a nice person - its just that i do not know you well enough. Its just that i am uncomfortable about one thing and that is the fact that we stopped communicating years ago. Maybe its because of the environment, maybe its us or maybe its just fate. Also i wonder if you took what i said to you so seriously; when you were leaving for Melbourne or is it that you are genuinly interested in knowing about how i am after so many years. Whatever the reasons are, i am sorry and i am pretty sure that i will be apologising to you about this even before you read this. If you happen to read this before i speak to you, contact me. Thanks again and i am really sorry.

So with that over, i would just like to wish everyone an early Merry Christmas and Happy New year as i won't be around to wish then.

Take care and Tata !


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