Friday, November 24, 2006

The end of Charmed

Today, the last episode of Charmed was aired in Singapore. Besides the absolutely gorgeous actors that Charmed always cast, i actually learnt about another lesson: The need to think with your brain and your heart.

If there is one thing that Charmed that has always emphasised besides the fact that Good triumps over Evil, is the emphasis on balancing emotional and intellectual reasoning in all situations - no matter what kind of extreme situation that one can be, feelings and personal bias cannot reign over your lives. Calculated risks have to be taken and one must have the guts to go along with that decision even if others may express their doubts regarding it.

The A levels are finally over and i feel that i have done what i could do. All i can do is to pray and move on with life no matter what happens. Seriously a paper qualification may decide the kind of first job that one may get but it does not necessarily determine one's success or failure.

I have to do loads of things and learn loads of things and i am willing to meet up as long as i am told in advance and not last minute. I am not a last minute person unless you are planning something absolutely informal. Any way i am just kidding, just contact me and i will let you know if i can make it.

Cheers to ya'll and Good night - although the night is still young.


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