Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Rachel Hale - an amazing photographer

I am melting in my chair, not because i saw Johnny Depp or any other really hot guy but rather because i went to this site http://www.rachaelhale.com/Default.aspx. Goodness, the lil doggies and kitties were so darn adorable.

All i could think of was telling these lil things to stop acting so darn innocent and adorable. The shots are amazing especially with the natural and simple style of Rachel's as well as the subtle juxtaposition that she does.

There is one picture where this adorable brown labrador puppy - i think looks lost and sad being surrounded with the pink roses. This picture just left me perplexed as to whether i should laugh or whether i should really believe that the little pup is really that lost and he aint such a good actor like the other dogs that i have met.

I would love to get a coffee book of Rachel's pictures. Maybe i could...once i start to work. But really till then, a visit to her website will suffice.


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