Thursday, November 09, 2006

My dream boarding school for my daughter(s)

I just came across Emma Williard School and i am completely in love with it. It has always been one of my dreams to study in a boarding school since i was 4 years old. It must have been all those Enid Blyton books that i read especially Mallory Towers and Saint Clares'. Although i can't get into one of these schools as i am in grade 12 and am on the verge of completing it, i have decided that i shall work really hard in the future so that i can send my daughters to a boarding school without any worry about paying the tuition fees etc.

What really drew me on to Emma, as the school is informally called, is the activities they have like Creek night - a secret, annual event where much of the student body running to and swimming in a nearby creek late at night, Senior Triangle - a large triangle of grass in inner campus where only seniors and alumnae are permitted to and the breaking this rule results in "carding" and Eventide - a ceremony where candles are placed all around the senior triangle. All these is Mallory Towers reincarnate. I feel as if i have lost a part of my childhood by not having gone to a boarding school.

My reasons for being crazy about boarding schools:
1) They are either exclusive to girls or to boys. In such environments, children learn more from each other especially if they are of the same gender because they are receptive. It is often noticed that children learn and bond well with things or people in which they find a point of similarity with themselves. I am living proof of it having done 10 years of all girls schooling, i can happily say that i have learnt so much from these 10 years thanks to the memories and the great times that i have had there.

2) Boarding schools encourage children to be smart in the sense of fending for yourself, learning how to live with others and being able to get your work done without the minimal help/guidance that is provided. In other words, children learn to be street smart without having to live off the streets and coming in contact with all that is going on on the streets.

3) Children learn to appreciate the meaning of having a permanent home and a family, they no longer take family members for granted as they realise in a boarding school, no one can be taken for granted and no one will be willing to help you out unless you ask politely. Such values become ingrained in a child so that they will remain with them no matter where they go.

4) Related to point 2, children learn to make decisions for themselves after weighing the pros and the cons. If they do decide to carry out an action and receive unfavourable consequences, they will keep this incident in mind and learn to be more calculative in the future as no one will be there to help them out of the negative consequences or protect them from it - like parents would.

5) The surrounding natural spaces and interation with nature teaches them to appreciate nature and its works. This appreciation will lead them to care for nature in the future.

6) The perks that are associated with being promoted to a higher level gives them the drive to work harder. Although the Senior triangle may seem silly to us at this age, it actually does make an impact on the juniors. This not only makes the younger ones respect the seniors but also keep in mind how much they despised being treated badly so that they will remember not to bully their juniors.

7) Due to the long period of time they stay in a boarding school(ranges from 2-4 years), these children will remember this experience - both the good and the bad - for as long as they live.

8) As it is well known that the best thing parents can give to their children is education, by sending their children to a boarding school, parents give their children 2 oppurtunities: obtaining education and the ability to discover their niche and weaknesses as these children during their stay at a bording school will be able to do what they are better due to the wide variety of core and supplementary subjects that they are able to take.

Although i will not force my daughter(s) - if i do have them - about going to a boarding school, if they wish to go, this is the one that i will send them too.

As for getting my dream come true, its Yale University that can make it come true. Maybe i should aim to go there for my further studies in the future.

Gosh i am just in love with boarding schools. The Architecture, ambiance, campus life, the location of these schools in rural - like areas and the independance that one gets by being in a boarding school really draws me to them. Hope i can go to Yale University some day.


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Hi Anne, came over from my blog, wellheeledmom. I did not birth Joel, our hockey player. In our Junior B hockey program, players live with families in the community in exchange for a small stipend in order to pursue a college scholarship playing hockey. We get kids aged 14 and up from all over the world. This is our third player, and it's been a wonderful experience - particularly since my son is so interested in hockey and is an only child.

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