Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Whats up - the ceiling

Well life has been mundane - hope that explains the lack of posts.

The stint was done and over on the 24th of May and its time to revel it. (drum roll is of no need) I was working as a relief teacher at Saint Patrick's School teaching English and Literature. I know, i have said that i would never be a teacher but well i jumped into this because i thought i should go for it since i have the time to afford. Its a great experience really. I never thought that i could teach to a class of 40 boys who can barely sit still.

The truth is, the first week wasn't great as i had to scream at the guys to settle down - thanks to all the stuff that i was told in the stuffroom. But as time passed, i wasn't strict. I played hangman with the guys, teased them about their girlfriends and rubbed it in when Man U lost. Yea well since i wasn't there long enough, clearly they didn't get to know me that well, even though some of the midgets have found my friendster. I have heard from others if i feel appreciated considering how much i actually did for them - i never gave them a bad remark or left them with any yellow form, well the truth is Not really but it really doesn't matter as long as those that listened during my class passed and did well in their exams.

With the stint done and over with, i will definately not mind if they address me by my name - to think about it, i am only about 5 - 6 years older then them (depending on which class i was in).

So thats done and i am glad that i took the chance.

Moving on, life is monotonous. So am definately not interested in commenting on it.

I still have to watch Pirates 3 and re-read HP 6. Goodness i feel like a sloth these days - considering i just finished the 3/4 KitKat Chunky i had left in the fridge and i still feel like eating.

Ta ya'll as i raid my kitchen.


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