Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The summer that i've been waiting for is here

And i went back to MJ yesterday to get my A level Cert and attend Dr S's lecture.

It was swell being back at the place that i have been missing loads these days. The teachers were just as friendly and i think it was great that i still went down on my own even after i dumped by Lisa and Tricia. At least i had fun speaking with all the teachers especially, Mrs Logan, Dr S, Mr Max Chong and Mrs Tay. The only downer was that Mrs Chua had left for Dunman High - these news were told to me when i said hi to Mr Chen when i was at least 2 cabins away from where he was sitting.

I want to go back MJ once more before the end of this month. Till then, i have to finish reading all that i have procrastinatng and catch that which will be released on the 12th of July.

Yippi Di Do - said by Mrs Chua and scribbled by me onto a Geog Lecture note last year.

Till later, ta ya'll.

P.S: Wan Wen, i am really sorry that i can't make it to your farewell, am really caught up with loads of things. So i shall say my byes and wish you all the luck and hope that you have grand time in the land of the Aussies. Take care my friend.


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