Thursday, September 08, 2011

A new whole new World

Things have been checked off my bucket list, Graduating with a degree n throwing up the graduation hat.
Unfortunately landing that dream job has been playing cat and mouse with me, n the media hasnt helped with all the news about fresh graduates finding it difficult to find jobs etc. As for me, i have my hopes up but the thorns that prick is friends landing jobs, announcing engagements, getting married and broadcasting their lavish honeymoons on facebook.
While i am really happy for them, as i do dream and wish for the same things...i feel like my hard work hasnt been supported by my luck or destiny should i put it that way although a few astrologers and people have mentioned that the future is bright for me.
All these thoughts have left my head spinning and in a self pitying mood that led me to unproductive activities. Although i can say i have decided not to partake in them after indulging in them for hours yesterday and earlier part of this day, i have decided to catch a movie, to finish off my lamenting.
Like i have heard that wallowing and self pity often takes a toll on those who yearn for activity in their life, the same applied to me. Once again, i can truthfully speak that my thoughts have been affected by the thoughts of others and the outside atmosphere.
Enough of these incoherent ramblings, as putting my feelings down in words have helped and i have realised that like always my hard work will pay off. So a warning to the world, i shall attack with full force after 4 hours.
Till then....i shall enjoy the movie and adious to all;>


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