Monday, July 18, 2011


The gut feeling supported my urge to start writing again but what can i say, i was lazy to start.
The trip changed things, started to appreciate what life gave me, learnt about others, made friends and the urge to start writing grew within.
So here i am. I am sorry dear blog, i ignored u but u've always been in my mind, there have been times when i came back and read my previous entries that showed me how far ahead i have come despite all the difficulties and although things are different the rain and the silver lining behind every cloud have stayed consistent.
Well i have achieved a few things till date, am proud yet humble of the achievements. There is a lot more i would like to achieve in life and plan on persisting till the end.
On a side note, it feels good to be back and having an avenue for myself. I definitely welcome comments although i have changed a few feature to reduce spam. Look forward to hearing from you and till then....
AnneJ smiles


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