Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Them good ole boys were drinking whisky and rye

Days seem to be moving awfully slow, it has never been this painstaking. Its as if i am at a standstill and the entire world is zipping right past me with no acknowledgement of any sort.
Depressed is not the exact word, its a mix of melancholy and yearning. What pains me is that i over care for others easily. Its my problem i know, i should change that but what if they give me the allusion that they care. Or maybe i have been fooled again....but u can't fool me twice as the saying goes.
All this brings the song: Bye bye miss american pie by Don McLean. Its an old song but its deep. Anyone can tell that its not as superficial as it sounds, it addresses some of the unfair issues at that time just based on humanity. Its about cheating and taking what is others. It sure is long by the standards of other songs. It beats the bollywood songs of that era but it is just too deep and its not all that dopey, the music picks towards the end signifying that we can pick ourselves up, its all in our hands at the end of the day ;>
So while it seems i do not have much of a choice at this stage, i shall choose to smile at the world. The world can take everything else that i offer or have but they cant take what is in me and my choices to grin like a Cheshire cat over simple memories hoping things will be better.
Well i do believe that things will be better and i will achieve what i want and plan on doing, it just takes a good ole song to kick my feet up.
Cheers ya'll


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