Thursday, August 02, 2007

Moments matter

To say that i have been busy would be to lie and to say that i have been a sloth would be degrading.

Actually i have been keeping a low profile because i have been feeling rather disconnected with almost every other thing. Living for the moment would be a good way of explaining what i have been up to.

This behaviour for some one who is known to be an extrovert could be explained by the realisation that dawned upon me about the state of many "relationships" that i have tried to maintain. The lack of acknowledgement by those that i have cared for so long seems to have been registered by my brain.

The result was the massive removal of contacts from my handphone and email address books, followed by a long period of "self - discovery".

I have not exactly gained much from this time although i can claim that i have shopped more comparatively to the previous GSS.

All this behaviour had come to an end by the 22nd of July 2007, Sunday, once i had finished reading Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. For me it was a great read and i rate it as my favourite out of the 7 in the series. Besides its literary aspects, i began to appreciate the things that i have been taking for granted: the value of human relationships, the meaning of choices and the real worth of time.

I never seemed to get past themes like these during Literature and all of a sudden i got what i had been blocking off for a very long time.

Now i have begun to look at many things from a different light and i think i am happy with the way i am able to move on with my life after all that has happened.

It seems like i am willing to intergrate into swirling pool of human relationships and be lost in it.

So the familiar that had become rather alien - like for me is now pretty much fine and i have started yearning for things of the past like Debating and doing Sports.

If only there was a Recreational Ladies soccer team or a Hockey team(my mum has threatened to be horrid if i join a full fledged one as she is afraid of me breaking my bones), i would be back to normal.


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