Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thorns prick before the Rose can be appreciated!

N i got the job, its just that i started asap, had relatives over so took a leave for 4 days or rather 7 days counting the weekends n ph. N then it was back to work where the pressure took toll on me and i got all jittery and teared a few times. The atmosphere was such that i had started to think that i had taken the wrong step and i had to redo a few things.

Now that was 4 weeks ago, have seen the gentle side of my colleagues, saw that i can meet the targets and as a newbie i am not expected to do as much, am given my room to adjust and perhaps i saw things in a different light from what was going on.

So its pretty safe for me to say that yes my new perm job, is great and i do see myself going to great heights from here. The Spiritual aspect of me never fails to remind that what God does is for a reason and thorns will always prick before the rose can be appreciated.

Now that i am busy with early morning commutes n evening commutes back in the train, do not expect regular entries but i shall stop by when i can.

Tata ya'll
AnneJ Smiles ;>


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