Saturday, December 31, 2005

A New Year begins...Happy birthday 2006!!!

I have always known that life isn't easy and now I have experienced it first hand. I guess the trick is to live in a day tight compartment but I think I am too softhearted to ignore everything or everyone else and live for the moment or just for myself. However I know I am gonna definitely gonna have to toughen up a little bit as I cant be tricked again. Life is definitely better but not all fine. Life goes on but it is just that we do not know what is going to come around the corner of the path that we may or may not have taken. People come and go from our lives but I guess we stay pretty much the same on the inside even though we do seem changed on the outside. By the way, that is the product of externalities (been reading my econs...hehe) and no matter how much we try to change them, we can't really do anything without getting a jolt of reality that we aren't god. So once again, I have put my worries down in something rather abstract and meaningless.

It's the 31st of Dec 2005, a new year, 2006 is going to begin. I have no idea what I feel like. I will be 18 next year, will be able to take a driving test, will still be considered a teenager but not quite one, will be in the 2nd year of JC, will be sitting for my 'A' levels, may perhaps drift away from family, continue to stay close to dear ones, dreaming about my future, trying to achieve something, loose a few things (not literally), learn to stand on my own two feet and then it will be the beginning of a new year again. One full cycle, life goes on again.

The world can be in chaos, fellowmen may fight within themselves or against others, little ones dieing from starvation, AIDS, disease and from reasons that we may never know, people will get richer, some may succeed and leave others behind, some may loose hope, some may be enlightened, some may just be living for the sake of living, some may live for another or live for something, some may push on with determination to prove others wrong and fulfil their dreams, some may try to relive others of their difficulties and aches, some may try to help themselves when others have given up on them, some may fall in love and see a whole new meaning in life, some may pray for the betterment of this world and some may just not do anything and carry on living.

I have no idea what I may try to do. I do have my dreams and wish to fulfil them. I think I will. I will try to help others along the way. I shan't leave my friends behind. I won't let prejudices get into my head. If I can't think of a solution with my brain, I will try to listen to my heart. I will try to do what is morally right although it can often hurt others and me. I will try to do whatever I can and put in my best shot. I will not give up and not let others give up. I will believe in the possibilities of miracles and wait for not one but loads to occur not only to myself but to others as well. I will always try to smile (something that I haven't really fallen back on) and make others smile too. And if I cannot do anything about a situation, I will leave it up to God and pray hard with all my heart.

If reading all of the above gave you a headache or boggles up your mind, I am sorry. If I did help you in some way, I am happy.

Come to think of it, I have to thank God for making me such and giving me a nature that will allow me to forget my troubles for a while and be happy. I am thankful for what I have received (in whatever way it applies to) and I hope never to change except for the better.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, hope you have a prosperous year where your dreams comes true. Remember live life to its fullest. Who knows if tomorrow ever comes......

P.S: I know i sound really lame with Happy Birthday 2006 and my ending line. Afterall its who i am, lame and funny..... By the way, Who knows if tomorrow comes is the direction translation of a great Bollywood movie: Kal Ho Na Ho. Have a great year ahead once again!!!!!


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