Saturday, January 07, 2006

The school year begins

Its great to see everyone in School again, my classmates, my debator grls, other school friends and teachers as well. Lessons have begun with the constant reminders of our upcoming 'A' levels. Lessons are going to begin with full force next week and this is easily proven as we have an upcoming Rocks and Landforms test. It would be too risky to spot and i sincerely do not hope that i flunk my first test absolutely horribly.

Besides lessons, the orientation for the freshies started and it came to an end yesterday with the campfire. Our homeroom has become our place of refuge during the number of free periods we have everyday. The timetable gave us quite a shock as we end at 5 everyday and the possibility of having shorter thursdays and fridays has brought up our spirits dramatically.

I do know that studying in Singapore especially a JC isn't exactly an easy journey, however if i really do want to make a difference i know i am going to have to ignore the distractions and overcome the hurdles as I definitely will not get to live in the lap of comfort and luxury without any hurdles.

I just wanna end by thanking my dear classmates who make school life so much more fun and bearable. Good Luck to everyone with the upcoming test and many others that come along....Take care and Tataz


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