Friday, July 07, 2006

Cramps oh Cramps

First it was the Dust allergy, then the Cold and now the cramps. While i feel assured that nothing is wrong with the continous ongoings of the biological cycle, the cramps are something that really makes everything seem miserable. Its due to the stress of the mid-years, the one week delay and all the pressure right now that the cramps seem horrible when they are already unbearable. Seriously, i do not need no preparation for Child birth right now. Maybe its just the stress and whats meant to happen that is happening.

Just because of this, I won't be going down for the debates friendly with SAJC tomorrow. Just want to tell the team: Don't give up, Debating is a sport, take everything that comes your way in your stride and never think you are horrible at debates. You guys have a great coach from the very beginning of your JC debates, so you can improve and will. You guys know that i will be there for the JCDCs, with all the practice sessions and all - i noe that you guys are absolutely prepared to face TJ and CJ in the preliminary rounds.

For some reason, i have been feeling rather resigned these days. I just do not like the state that i am in. I think the best is to turn in early tonight. I just want to watch the stars tonight before i sleep.

G'nite to all


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