Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Learn to Serve

This is what my main aim in life has always been: To learn to serve. Whats the use of being talented in your field or having the knowledge about something but never share it with others? I have never found pleasure in knowing something and not sharing it with others especially if it would be beneficial. Gossiping is something that i am not talking about here. I am also not writing this down here to make others follow my aim or something, i have just written it down to remind me of my aim.

I think this is exactly what is going to be keeping me sane throughout anything(i hope). I agree i have never been much of a study group person but that is my studying style. However that does not mean that i will never help if i am asked. If i can't help, i will tell you that i can't and refer you to someone who would know or help you find out that stuff. (Note: If you are planning of just making me do stuff for you, tough luck, i aint that gullible.)

I have no idea why i wanted to write this down. I think it is something that i feel, know about more and practice it more often in my life than anyththing else. Also, this part of me is something that i find it very hard to translate into words. Maybe, this could also be the reason why i am intersted in Civil and Family Law.

I feel that if you are genuinely interested in something, money will follow automatically. But if you are going to be a money-driven person, for sure you may achieve that status etc but satisfaction in life is something that you will be sorely missing.

I think i am just in a daze with my dust allergy irritating me. Got this table cleaned up, showed my maid the difference between her cleaning and mine. This is why i never allow my maid to clean my room except for the mopping part, i am just so particular that i will go mad is there is any dust or if anything is out of place, i prefer to do things myself and be a happy person than getting mad at others. Yes, i am a organised person but not a perfectionist. My table is always a mess during exam periods and i love the mess then but once that time is gone, i get caught up in a tidying frenzy which make my nose go into a frenzy. Darn me.

I just remebered my belting of "Tis the Season to be jolly" right outside the class that Chris Chen was invigilating for Human Geog before the exam unknowingly and his outburst that no one caught. Poor guy, it definitely wasn't a jolly season for him considering he has to mark our scripts, esp my script after that. I also recalled seeing Ms Lai looking happy as she left the LT yesterday and i remarked to Justin, Marlz and Evie that she could be on anti-depressents due to our mid year results.Yuvan's recitation of the economic advantages of hosting the world cup, prevented me from calming down before the Paper 8 exam yesterday as i was wondering what was he talking about. I remembered writing Ha Ha Ha right next to the Silas Marner context during the Paper 1 exam, i can't remember why.

The World cup is a shocker. I expected England to leave because they were just concentrating too much on Owen, Rooney and Beckham when they have players like Walcott, Lennon, Joe Cole, Gerrad to deliver the results had Sven been concentrating on them and not mourning the loss of his "Holy Trinity".

Brazil this year wasn't as good, it was the media and attention hype on them having won 2 previous world cups that covered up the loopholes in their playing. Ronaldinho wasn't performing along with his older "brother" Ronaldo. Kaka has the ability for sure but he was caught in between the unperforming duo. Soccer being a team sport requires everyone on the field to pitch in and deliver. There is definitely someone who will be the driving force but if the rest of the parts are not oiled, How in the enitre world do you expect that team to get anywhere. I hope this teaches the Brazilians not to be too lax and depend on previous victories to boost them up.

Its sad to see these two teams to leave as there are players in there who have put in all their heart and soul but cannot achieve their dreams this year.

I have been supporting Germany till date right from the beginning. Their loss is heartbreaking no doubt but the Italians deserve a chance at the finals. I have been reading up on the constant concentration and hardwork of these Italians to reach their aim. They have never exposed themselves to the Media too much unless absolute neccessary and have maintained their composure. I really admire their determination as a team. Despite the slight disagreements, which is found in every team, they have stayed together as one. They deserve the cup should they win France this Sunday, July 9th. I have no idea about France's capabilities except for Theirry Henry. I just do not want the Finals to end with a Penalty shoot out.

Oh well, my nose is feeling better now, i shall go and read my books now...toodles to all!


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