Monday, June 12, 2006

Scorpian Prowler

I haven't worn by blades in more than 6 months but they were as smooth always, even on all those bumby surfaces, they seemed to glide over them. They were a wonderful gift that i had asked for and received from Royal Sporting House where the best roller blades are stored for leisure bladers like me.

I am absolutely exhausted from the non-stop skating. I went to get a new route for myself, but i can't stand those grills over those huge drains on the pavements, i just can't stand the look of them especially those rusty kinds which threaten to fall right down with a little bit of pressure. Especially when skating, i can't stand the irritating bumby ride over them so i have to get my pace right to skip them.

Its amazing how it can also be quite mentally exhaustive. The need to look out for those small stones or twigs that jam your blades and results in a nasty fall, ( i have had 2 nasty falls resulting in horrible knee scabs, i think my knees are the most bruised area since young) and to look far ahead for pedastrians, crazy drivers and the traffic lights.

Whats really sad about skating is the lack of company as i hardly know any who skate, especially those living around me. Most i know, own bikes and do not know how to skate. Even then, many do not like to head out to bike for leisure, its weird i tell you. I have never gone skating at Pasir Ris beach, i think i should ask Marlz during the study break and others from our class for a ride at the beach. Untill now, i have frequented East Coast with my grls, however carrying my skates there and back is quite a hassle.

I guess i will have to postpone all that till after A's now and find try to find another route to that park whose name i can't rember. After the A's at least i will be able to visit that ranch-like thing that has been set up at Pasir Ris and their horses. Maybe i should take a couple more lessons in India this time round on mares - they are tougher to ride coz not only are they much taller than male horses but they are quite temperamental as well. Oh well, lets see how it turns out, its better not to dream too much and be dissapointed.


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