Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Weird Craving

I just got the weirdest craving that got so intense that i had to go make some cereal with sugar. I mean its really weird, i have never liked cereal with sugar, i always scolded my mum for adding suger to her cereal instead of honey, which is my favourite. I mean cravings are usually associated with pregnant women, and there is no way i am pregnant. The thought of it just makes we want to laugh. My mum just brushed me of with this: " it shows that you finally got down to studying". Actually it makes sense, i was doing the Econs Tys which requires calculations. Come to think of it, after all my Math tuitions during sec 4, the tutor was a real math questions driver (which payed off, A2 for both E an A math, yippie). I can still remember clearly that after all my tuitions i would be one hungry person and will upset the whole kitchen if i can't satisfy my hunger and usually hunted for food with sugar.

See this is how Math can make a person go nuts. Thats is the exact reason why i did not choose the option of 4 subjects. Gosh this was freaky. Actually, i did have a measely lunch so the craving could be justified and i haven't had cereal in more than 2 weeks since holidays began as cereal is my morning energy booster. Oh well, i am fine now. It was one freaky thing that can happen, i think my mum needs to stock up during the mid-year examinations on all my usual junk.


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