Friday, June 16, 2006

I think i am going bonkers

Ok i am mad, no maybe crazy. That i am, no doubt. I think i have just lost it. I have come up with weird songs these days( on milk and franz ferdinand's do u wanna). I think i am just going nuts from the realisation that i have just a week to go before the mid years start.

I am at a really horrible stage. I seriously wonder sometimes why i do what i do, like blogging right now. But then again, it could be that my brain just can't take no more of my notes. I really need a break, a break from studying. I can't wait for after the A's. Actually who can't wait for the A's to be over, to have given your best shot and yippie thats the end. I am really going bonkers.

Now i understand the phrase of running before your mid years and doing the last sprint towards the Prelims and the final dash to the A's. Gosh, i wish for something. I am getting restless again. I am at a lost at times,sometimes i wonder what i am going all this for. I do know that i have a fixed career set in my mind that i really want to accomplish. But the question remains if i will be able to get there and if i can really make a difference like i really want to.

Sometimes these days, i have no idea of what is going on. Sometimes i wonder if this is what education aims to achieve. Will students remember what they learned at this age, considering many do not stick to what they have leant. Will they apply what they have learnt, in the future besides their job, if they do stick to that line of study. Then again, there is nothing else i can do but to go with the flow and achieve what i want to achieve, give my best shot and maintain my sanity at the end of the day. I really do hope at this time next year i will be happy and satisfied and not the reverse. I know i can make this come true but right now i need a break-just for tonight.


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