Monday, June 26, 2006

I hate Addiction and huge inflated Egos

I am just so fed up that i could slap my dad till his mouth swells and he can't get a single thing into his mouth let alone swallow it. Thanks to his addiction or should i say his love for alcohol, he is becoming a complete ******(add whatever you want here). I still do not understand how someone can be so darn angry and foster those feelings inside. The anger is not a result of others its a product of his denial to accept reality and face the truth. He finds everything and everyone against him. What makes me even more pissed is the fact that he is giving up everything for this stupid inanimate thing which gets him on a 'high'. His humungous ego gets inflated everytime he drinks and starts to hallucinate about being able to face the world no matter what.

I just do not understand 2 things: Addiction and Ego(especially the male one, no doubt there are some women with huge ego as well). This two things are the root of all problems. Tell me it is money and i will laugh my head off. I know loads of freaking rich people who are absolute humble beings living simplistic lives. They find no need of going after the famous DAS(Drugs, Alcohol and Sex).

If money is the root of all evil why isn't Bill Gates(who is clearly the richest guy in the world) more threatening than all the terrorist networks in the world. If you want to say it is an insignificant minority, go ahead and think whatever you want to, i ain't going to stop you.

If you say money is still the root of all evil, why is alcohol and drug abuse/dependancy higher in Poorer regions/ ELDCs than in EMDCs? Why do patriachal soceities exist in ELDCs and not in EMDCs? Why is prostituition rates and spread of STDs higher in ELDCs than in EMDCs.

If the Rich and Famous are caught red handed in the act of DAS or either one of them, don't you think it will give loads of media companies a huge cash inflow as the world clearly likes Gossip, when they make huge cover stories day after day, following these poor people and all those that knew them, like leeches to a blood clot. I am not saying that I am against the Media or Gossiping as its human nature to want to know about the downfalls of those at the top of the Corporate, Entertainment and all the other industries in the worlds.

The reason why i can't stand Egos are because once you stop nursing them, flattering them and do not deliver what they want, the person with the huge ego will think nothing but about himself and start lamenting about the hurt that he has suffered, yada yada. If you are a person who are fantastic in that field and have been credited for it, some amount of Ego is acceptable because you are good in that area, there is no two ways about that. If you have the talent/flair that others do not have, even with that huge ego/arrogance, people who need your talent/flair/whatever will come and even beg because they clearly need you.

However, if a person is just an average person with nothing special, but with a Humungous ego that needs constant flattery etc , My Question is what is that Ego about? If a person thinks that he deserves his Ego on the account of being one of the Male Sex, i say rubbish. I am not being a femenist here or anything. I just believe that no one should have the right of over powering another just because he has a huge ego or is of the male sex. Maybe I am a bit femenist here.

If these people continue to live on the basis that their ego is continuously inflated by others, I am sorry to inform that the day when they realise that they are not needed or of no importance to others, that will be their worst day. These people will get so depressed that their will to live will be completely demolished.

Ego and Addiction are inanimate things that not only ruin the particular person's lives but also those that love them. The unfortunate thing is that when these people are addicted to something or have a huge ego, these people are blinded by them. These addicts or Egoistic people cannot see others that are being hurt by their doings, all they see is their own selfish interests and "needs".

Today, DAS is becoming more common by the day. It is rampant everywhere. Egoistic people are becoming more egoistic by the day. Once someone is caught in the tangled web of either one of them, there is no turning back unless the will and determination to really change for the better.

I just want to say that teenagers being the easiest to be manipulated due to their multiple insecurities, please beware of addiction. Do not get drawn into these lures. I am sure there are loads who are willing to talk to you and care about you, please turn to them instead of splurging money on your addictions for that momentary high which does not remain untill it kills you. There are loads of way to conquer your anger, get out of your depression and become your normal self again. Nothing is impossible if you have the will and determination to stay away from being addicted.

For those who are in relationships or will be, i just have this to say, Love is blind so please be careful about your future. Sometimes your heart may show you the right way but do take heed of what your conscience has to say, Do not try a relationship to work if it is not working especially due to another who is either unwilling to give up/caught up in their little fantasy world of addiction or ego because they will be married to these inanimate things.

Denise, this is why i always agree with your posts.

If you want to try something, do take a second to consider about the amount of hurt that others who care about your existence will undergo forever. With the help of another, anything is possible. Please do not ruin you life especially if another does not bother about you. Move on and start again if you have to, you never know what is behind the bend on the road unless you take it. Most importantly, take responsibility of your actions and do not live in Self-denial.


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