Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I want to watch all of Oprah's movies

Ok, i shan't repeat my title, but i really want to watch all the movies that she starred in, has produced, i want to get her 20th anniversary dvd collection and gosh do i wish i can get to a status like hers. She is my idol.

Oh and do you know that she is 52 years old, gosh i used to think she was in her 40s. Nevermind about that. Gosh she is such an inspiration for me, ( i do not think i can ever right don't why she is my hero unless i have all the free time to spare right now, "my love is more ponderous than my tongue", so i shall let Cordellia from King Lear to do my job for now.)

Gosh what can i do, except to study.


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