Friday, June 30, 2006

Fate, Destiny and Choices

These last couple of days has left me in a daze, due to both the mid years and whatever is going on in my life. I do believe in Fate and Destiny but i also believe that the choices we make will still lead us to the path that we are fated/destined to but the path can be varied due to the choices that we make.

Edmond in King Lear can easily just brush off his father's belief in astronomy by calling the "excellent foppery of the world" because he was an independent man that wanted to change destiny in his own hands by usurping his father's and brother's property. His plans and his opportunistic nature definetely gave him the status that he wanted but it was not for long. He was defeated by his brother and died a fatal death. His choice to become the Duke of Gloucestar was fulfilled but he died at the hands of his brother. His destiny was fixed: being killed not with the status of a Duke but a Bastard(illegitimate child, its in the dictionary).

Fate and Destiny,I believe work hand in hand, maybe it is I who cannot differentiate the two from each other. Life has been planned out for us and yes, we do not know what is in store tommorow or the very next moment. If you were meant to achieve something or lose something, it will happen. Here i do not mean incidents of losing the house keys or your handphone(s). What i refer to is the building or breaking of relationships. While a young couple may gain a new life in the form of a little baby, they may loose their parents. There are lots of such analogies. Besides the loosing and gaining may be metaphprical, like the severing of relationships between individuals or vice versa. These incidents may not be occuring in a consequtive manner but the fact that they do occur is the point that i am trying to make here.

Our choice to do something or another is a major part of our life. Choices are made by everyone-be it consciously or unconsciously, they are made- right from the day we are born till the day we pass on.

Fate , Destiny and Choices come together to bring us to where we are today. Life is full of surprises-haven't we all heard this phrase so many times that its meaning is lost at times. The surprises may not always be joyous, they may not be shocking and they may not exactly be of a sudden nature, but they are surprising.

One major component of any life is Love. Steph's blog has not only enlightened me but has made me ask a lot of questions regarding this issue.

As quoted from her blog: "As the quote goes "How much you can forgive is how much you love". I think this is very true just take parents and children for example no matter what wrong the child has commited, sins, crimes, addiction to drugs. The parents still love their child just as much. No matter how bad a child is the parents still lvoe and weep for them.

Now, this brings me to my next point will there be a point where love turns to hate? I think that it is possible, sometimes we love a person so much and we end up hating them becuase they might not love us as much as we love them, they do not know our existence, they do things that hurt us because they know we love them and hence take us for granted take chances in doing certain things that we do not like...........

We love because deep down inside we hope to be love but not everyone is as fortunate. Let me use chemistry to explain, love can form stong intramolecular hydrogen bonds that is bonds between atoms they are strong like those love in a family unit. However love cannot for intermolecular hydrogen bonds that is bonds between molecules which means to say love cannot form between people who don't know each other, people of different races, people from different countires in general strangers don't have love. Thus war happens there are different distribution of wealth, some starved to death some stuffed with food. If love is really in air then perhaps the world will be more beautiful, people will be more happy and take joy in the many little little things. We look at people in Vietnam, they are smiple, they are not rich BUT THEY ARE HAPPY and they care for each other. I doubt that lvoe will ever be in the air of the world at least not this century hopefully genes will undergo mutation and secrete proteins that code for Love!"

Her poetic way of portraying her feelings really did touch a nerve in me as I can really put myself in the situation. The first question that came up when i was reading her post was if the possibility that parents will always love their children lasts forever? Does the child's love for them remain for all their life? I find myself disagreeing due to the situation that i am in right now. I think my inability to forgive my father does reflect my lack of care and concern for him. I have come across numerous cases(real life not the incident from King Lear-which is actually a universal play that anyone and everyone can relate to) where parents have severed ties with their children and have never forgived them. The issue about the Parent's love for the child that makes them take such an incident is Very debatable. My views right now could be emotionally-linked.

Her question on the possibility of love turning to hate is very possible according to me. I completely agree with Steph's stand on that.

Finally her statement of us loving another, for our inherent need to be loved is another one that applies to me personally and many others, I believe.

You may be wondering why i sloted in the topic of Love all of a sudden. It is because Love is what i believe to be made up of the 3: Fate, Destiny and Choices. While Fate and Destiny could have planned out the final stage at which this relationship may reach, choices made by inidividuals is pertinent as the final stage could be reached in a faster or lengthier timespan.

Maybe this post is a little to self-absorbed. I am sorry. If you made it through to this point, I say that you have immense patience. Perhaps I am just emotionally at a lost.

I feel caught up in the tide of Destiny and Fate, I often find myself trying to shut myself from the world but always fail miserably life i always do. I will just carry on and pesevere for the future that has been planned in academic sense and the rest I will just leave it up to God. Maybe this situation is just meant for us(especially me) by God to test our endurance level. I hope I can come out of all this in one piece as I know I cannot expect to be unscathed at the end of it all, as I already am.


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