Sunday, June 18, 2006


I had promised myself that i would stick to going through all the power point presentations only but i just had to loose my mood and feel sad. Gosh, all this is taking a toll on me. I really feel horrible and torn.

My revision is really pathetic, i really do hope that my brain will be able to absorb and understand everything next week, if not i am a goner for mid-years.

I feel horrible for trying to be ignorant of a family member's activites. It really sucks when i can't wish him on a special day that is set aside for all people like him. What makes it worse, is the stuff i recall that makes me dislike him even more. Its amazing how it doesn't hurt anymore, when i think about all that happened, because it seems like i have stopped caring about him. I feel that i should forgive him, but i know i can't. I hate this feeling, i swear. All this is making life miserable for me.

Yea it may seem there are no fights going on, the cold war seems better, but the fact that it is a war shows that there will be dire consequences for both at the end of the day. I think i am just confused. All i want to say here is Happy Fathers' Day to that person even though i didn't say it out loud to him, as his relation to him is still a fact and i still acknowledge that relation.

Please ignore this post if you do not understand what i am talking about.


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