Friday, July 28, 2006

A Day

I just feel like putting down a few random things that happened today into part of my memory box.

After playing touch rugby for P.E, the girls and i were on our way up the ramp from the canteen to the atrium. While on our way up, all of us were looking at the dark rolling clouds when Marlina spotted a portion of a rainbow at the spot where the clouds were converging to cover it up. While that spot was being covered up, another spot was slowly opening up that reveleved another portion of the rainbow. The rainbow was awesome, it takes a while to release that its a rainbow as it isn't very distinct. While Wan Wen and i tried to capture the image on our handphones and realised that a powerful camera would be needed, i felt for a moment that everything was slowing down and the appreciation of nature made me realise that there is much more to this world besides the academics.

The 2nd incident was Radiah's questions to help me feel inspired although i was feeling pretty much inspired and was in a happy mood. There were a couple more questions about a $10 note but i can't seem to remember them right now. What i remembered was the question on what do you get if you cut an apple into half. I answered illogically: pulp, seeds and the skin. She replied a Star from the arrangement of the seeds and this is something that we have inside everyone of us, it is just a matter of how you view yourself and the rest.

Sin Yi's comments on her blog regarding my warm greetings whenever i meet her led me to tag on her blog. I wrote: If i aint going to be happy and make others happy, who is going to make me happy when others are sadand depressed. I feel it makes sense especially with the way time seems to fly in school except when its towards the end of the day when there is P.E.

I am not sure about what i feel right now, althought i am not confused. It is just a feeling of plainess and nothing more. No excessive emotions with no extremes.

I learnt a certain something about a certain someone and i am not going to bring it up to the person as that has never risen as a topic before and i will not bring up this topic unless the certain someone brings it up willingly. Also please do not ask me who this someone is.

A great movie that left me traumatised and enlightened at the same time was If these walls could speak staring Demi Moore, Sissy Speck and Cher. It is about how 3 different women in three different time periods: 1950s, 1970s and 1990s deal with the issue with unplanned pregnancy, the kind of advice and support they receive from their close friends and their eventual decision which is either to carry on with the pregnancy or to undergo abortion. It is a great femenist movie that i would show my children but more than that it is a movie that would shake anyone, who think abortion is a easy option, out of their senses. While i am not anti- abortion, i am also not dead fast against abortion as there are cases when it is the only option available for the mother-to-be. Do watch it if you can get your hands on the Dvd.

Also, I am sorry to say Ms K, I do not find Shakespeare's plays filled with rich and beautiful poetry. I can tell verse from prose no doubt, however i do not find it poetic. I am open to critics who feel otherwise. Maybe my view, could be prejudiced. I do not like poetry very much although it is easy to interpret at times. I am willing to change my view the day i find my favourite poet/poem whichever comes first.

Well, i shall just leave this post here and say Tata to all, since i have nothing more to say. Thank you to all my classmates for making it easy to go through the entire day without having to skip or take the Green form.



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