Saturday, July 15, 2006

Incidents and Accidents

I know that i will have this day imprinted in my memory forever. The MJC Debates Team 06 won both preliminary rounds and received Best Speakers in both rounds as well. I couldn't be any happier. To Yih Ching, Sharmilla, Rani and Jazmine you Girls were good, you have a long way to go and you can always improve. Nicholas, Dude you were awesome. Your speeches were great. You deserved Best Speaker in both rounds, hands down. Gosh, seeing you cry after debating with Cjc made it really hard for me to keep my composure. Yih Ching, everyday you will learn something and i am really sure you must have taken a learning point away from today. Rani, your composure is amazing, a bit more practice and brushing up will bring you up to a higher level for sure. Sharmilla, a bit more structure and stylistic speeches will bring you up to a notch higher for sure. Jazmine, you need to know which style suits you best, i personally feel a mix of aggression and composure will deliver results. Nicholas, just keep going the way you are. You are the anchor of the team, just be cool and yourself and you will never go wrong. Also you know that I will be there so if you are unsure about a point, look to your audience for reassurance and you will get it.

I am so happy that i can't help but let the tears flow now. I think its due to the songs that i am listening to: If we hold on together by Diana Ross, That's what friends are for by Stevie Wonder, Dionne Warwick and other artists, Hero by Mariah Carey and All for love by Sting, Rod Stewart and Brain Adams. You guys were amazing and can do more than just making TJ and CJ bite the dust, make another one do the same for the other competitions.

To Bernadatte from CJ, you are an amazing speaker and with a good team, your potential will shine for sure. To Rishik and Nigel, your performence left me speechless, i seriously didn't expect that. I think it could be due to my impression of you guys. But Aisha was great, her layout etc was flawless.

I am going to be getting my dear Juniors chocolates for their amazing performance. I just want to let you guys know that your Boss is always going to be there for you guys. If anything, I am here. You are cool bunch, I am really glad to have you as my juniors.

Besides today, this week has been eventful. On Tuesday, i was a tennis ball magnet or Darianne and Justin had a conspiracy against me. That P.E lesson was hilarious, Besides serving and a few volleys, the numerous number of balls across the net to the other end of the court and everyone hitting balls not from their partners, left our class screaming and shouting, picking up our stray shots and just having a jolly good time. On Wednesday, a cockroach decided to attend Mrs Chua's Physical Geog lecture and freaked the girls of my class(it includes me) out by scuttling around Vanessa's legs. I went to look for the Operations Manager: Mr Teng but he was out for lunch. The School needs to be funigated soon, This is the 3rd time, we have encountered a cockroach in the Lt, the 1st time was a Geog lecture as well but Mr Chen squashed it to stop the screaming of the all the girls in the Lt and 2nd time was during Lit lecture when someone out of their boredom noticed a huge cockroach snoozing on the walls.

This week has been filled with loads of Incidents and Accidents and usually a mixture of both. I just remembered the session i had with the Debators on Friday with the Motion: This house would distribute condoms to JC Students. Trust Nicholas to come up with it and me saying yes to it as we couldn't figure out Debbie's: This house would subsidise Viagra for the poor.

So for those of you who think debates is always about really boring topics, well i am sure you think other wise now. Oh, I lust remembered the motion that i thought of during the Debate against that was formulated like the one that we were debating: This house believes that patriotism has no Future. I came up with: This house believes that Debating has not future.

Imagine debating over this motion. I think it would be hilarious and absolutely crappy, maybe we should during the gathering that Ms K wants to have.


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